The Lyceum Group
A Journey That Matters

A Journey That Matters,” offers understanding and lessons on the importance of each person’s living and passing on” legacy.  Our living legacy encompasses all of who we are; our personality, our passion, our pain, our joy, our sadness, our progress, our mistakes, our love, our hopes, dreams and so much more. 

This book is designed to guide readers on a journey of self-inquiry and reflection while engaging others; as they read and learn from the beautiful and powerful stories.  Each valuable chapter offers a personal compelling story that provokes readers with compassion to develop insights, knowledge and discernments about their journey, to realizing a legacy of their own choosing.

What do you imagine when you think about your personal imprint that will outlive you?  Booker T. Washington said that “Everyone’s life is measured by the power that, that individual has to make the world a better place.”  Although destiny or fate may play a part in our ultimate legacy; many of us can and will change our destiny. 

How we live in each moment of our lives in relationship to others (with clear intentions or not) matters and defines who we are.  What is important is that we are clear in our hearts and minds about what gives our lives purpose and meaning, not just for ourselves, but for that which extends beyond ourselves to include others.  It is when we have this awareness that we can become the author of our own life story, this is a blessing. Our personal living legacy is a gift we give to the world.

Erline Belton is the CEO and founder of The Lyceum Group, as well as the chairman of Belton’s Crossing, LLC.  Ms. Belton has held multiple teaching appointments, including HarvardUniversity, the University of Massachusetts, TuftsUniversity, and WheelockCollege.  Ms. Belton has been passionate about her work in HIV/AIDS since 1982 and has spoken before United States congress to influence HIV/AIDS workplace policy. 

Erline also has a strong belief that “We all come with a very special gift to help humanity, but sometimes we forget the greater purpose of our lives and need help remembering.”  Ms. Erline Belton resides in, Marion and Roxbury, Massachusetts, as well as Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Maybe you’ll see her there.  To book speaking engagements or host book signing parties e-mail us at: to purchase “A JOURNEY THAT MATTERS,” call 617-442-8033 or in (S.C 843-971-7237).